Technician Service Challenges – How to Keep a Customer

customer serviceIt’s happened to all of us. A preventable failure, a lost customer, and all this could have been avoided for the price of a cup of coffee. I learned this lesson many years ago interviewing customers for a client. I asked a range of questions about performance, suggested ways to improve technician service, keep customers and address some of the challenges they were facing or expected to face in the future. Our aim was to develop a service strategy that better anticipated and served the needs of their customers.

One customer told me it was lucky that he was still a customer at all. He told me of an incident that happened a few years previously that caused him some personal embarrassment and had him literally concerned for his own job. Apparently, after a routine maintenance call, the technician informed the customer that they had a problem with a specific piece of equipment. It was showing signs of failure and that it should be replaced. The technician duly included this in the service order summary which the customer signed. Read more ›

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