Spontaneous Empathy – Addressing Concerns Before the Customer Raises Them

customer service expert OntarioSpontaneous Empathy – anticipating concerns and addressing them before the customer raises them. I recently observed a server at a national (and very popular) coffee shop chain use this technique to great effect. It was a few weeks ago and I still reflect on the value of the gesture.

A friend and I were heading to northern Ontario for a few days of fishing. We started driving at 6:00 am and by the time we took our first break at 10:30 we were more than ready for a coffee. We were delighted to see the unmistakable sign of our favourite coffee chain ahead, conveniently located near some gas pumps. I dropped my friend off at the coffee shop to get our order to go and headed next door to fill up. The plan was for him to pick up the coffees and meet me at the gas pumps. When I finished filling up, my friend was still nowhere to be seen so I pulled up to the coffee shop and went inside. Read more ›

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