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Do You Tell Your Customers?

Your field service team can add tremendous value to your service relationships when they recommend products and services that you can provide that will help your customers be better off. They are in a unique position to do this; they have the knowledge of the technology, an inside understanding of your customer’s current processes and equipment and, hopefully an appreciation of your customer’s goals and objectives. They also have proximity to the customer. The question is however, if you engage your technicians in promoting your services, do you tell your customers?

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4 Questions about Business Development by your Service Technicians

Many of the technicians that I have met do not see their role as a salesperson. They tend to leave sales activities to the people with the expense accounts and fancy cars. What these technicians fail to see is that we are not asking them to sell at all. We are asking them to serve. By identifying and speaking with the customer about the actions that the customer can take that will help them improve operational performance, reduce costs, improve tenant satisfaction, etc. is a valuable part of the service.

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How is Your Business Really Doing? Ask these 2 Questions

Whenever I speak on the subject of Proactive Service, invariably someone will ask me how do we really know how we are doing? I mention that there are several measures to consider. Higher sales and revenues, increased customer satisfaction and improved levels of customer retention are just a few to consider. However, if you really want to know how you are doing, here are 2 questions to ask your customers through your surveys and during face-to-face visits

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Don’t Make Promises you Can’t Keep – Especially in Business

At check out we expressed our disappointment. We explained that we had expected a quiet, relaxing stay as promised on their website but we experienced just the opposite. We felt that we should have been told about the wedding at the time of booking and advised about the noise problem associated with the room we were given. We then could have made an informed decision about whether to stay there. The inn should have been prepared to turn us away but instead chose to fall terribly short on their promise. Instead of more raving fans, they created raving detractors. We certainly won’t recommend this place and will avoid it on any future visit.

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Are your Customers Better off Having Known you?

As managers, we have an important role to play here. Our technicians must understand that this is an integral part of their role. They must recognize that these proactive conversations that they have with their customers represent a valuable and important service – as important as fixing and maintaining the customer’s equipment.

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