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5 Tips to Help Your Field Team Deal with Customers Effectively

December is a time of year when systems and circumstance combine to create a stress-fuelled environment of tension and possible conflict. To help your field team deal with customers effectively in these stressful times, consider the following five approaches. This will help your team maintain good relations and build higher levels of trust and remind your customers why they chose to do business with you in the first place.

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Help Your Technicians Handle Customer Objections

One of your technicians has just made a recommendation on a critical piece of equipment. It is old, parts are hard to find and a failure will have catastrophic results. The customer hesitates and says something like, “Leave it with me and let me think about it.” Underlying this statement could be an objection. It is for times like these that it makes sense to help your technicians have the skills/tools ready to (or be prepared to) handle customer objections.

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Do You Tell Your Customers?

Your field service team can add tremendous value to your service relationships when they recommend products and services that you can provide that will help your customers be better off. They are in a unique position to do this; they have the knowledge of the technology, an inside understanding of your customer’s current processes and equipment and, hopefully an appreciation of your customer’s goals and objectives. They also have proximity to the customer. The question is however, if you engage your technicians in promoting your services, do you tell your customers?

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Disappointed with Technician Efforts in Making Recommendations to Customers? Teach Them the “5 Ps”.

In his book, Coaching for Improved Work Performance[1], Ferdinand Fournies notes that, although there are 16 reasons why employees do not do what they are supposed to do, 99% of the time it is because of only two – they

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6 Steps to Support Your Technicians in Making Beneficial Recommendations to Customers

When I managed a service business several years ago, we introduced a new initiative where we wanted to stress the importance that we in management had in ensuring the success of the project and we adopted the motto “If it

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