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SMART Meeting Requests

As managers and field service professionals, we are often in a position to arrange meetings with customers and co-workers. Using meeting requests are an excellent way to get the meeting synchronized in everyone’s calendar. Using the SMART approach to meeting requests saves time and money.

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Six Components of a Robust and Failsafe Opportunity Management Process

If you are engaging your field service team in business development efforts, you will be aware of the importance of having a robust and failsafe opportunity management process. Poor processes drop opportunities, fail to keep everyone informed and generally defeat your efforts to get everyone enthusiastically involved.

In this blog, I thought it would be helpful to consider the Six Key Components of a Robust and Failsafe Opportunity Management Process for your team.

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A Tale of 2 Auto Mechanics – Which One Would you Prefer?

Like us, our customers are in competitive industries and are struggling for a business edge. They want more than just good customer service that makes them feel good. They want GREAT customer service that also helps them gain a competitive advantage. The tale of 2 auto mechanics below, is indicative of the choice we have as service providers. Which one would you prefer?

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5 Mistakes Service Companies Make Asking Technicians to Promote Services

Engaging technicians in promoting services is a focus of many service organizations today – and for good reason. A program of this nature can be a significant differentiator in a highly competitive environment. Technicians who use their expertise and knowledge to recommend products and services that help their customers achieve their goals provide tremendous value. They help their customers recognize that they are better off for having known them. And, a customer who recognizes this value in the relationship is very unlikely to take their business elsewhere.

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How is Your Business Really Doing? – Part 2

My point here is that this scoring key can be useful to apply to these two questions about the quality of the Proactive Service® experience you are providing. It will clearly identify the percentage of respondents who will speak positively about you and potentially become “ambassadors” for your company as well as the percentage of those who will speak negatively about you. This helps you focus on both ends of the satisfaction spectrum and focus on minimizing the percentage of “detractors” while maximizing the percentage of “promoters”.

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