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Are You Fully Capitalizing on One of Your Most Valuable Assets?

Are you fully capitalizing on one of your most valuable assets – the knowledge and experience of your field service team?  Sure, you depend on their expertise to provide maintenance service, troubleshoot and make repairs correctly and efficiently.  But do

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Do Your Techs Promote your Services? Why not Tell your Customers?

So what do I mean by business promotion as a service? Our technicians are in a unique position. They understand the technologies they work with and generally are very up to date. They understand our company’s capabilities and how that technology can be applied for best results. They have a relationship with the customer that is generally based on high levels of trust. They can see how the customer is using the technology and likely have some insight into the goals and challenges the customer is facing. From that unique position, who better than our technicians to make recommendations for products and services that can help the customer be better off?

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