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BYOB Service – The Competitive Edge

I don’t need to tell you that field service is a competitive business and getting more so with each passing day. Customers are more knowledgeable and demanding, competitors are innovative and tough, and the great things you do for your customers are often overlooked. It’s time to bring BYOB service to your customers and gain the competitive edge. BYOB stands for “Bring Your Own Brains” and the service company that offers this service, encourages their technicians to bring their heads as well as their hands when providing a service for a customer.

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Spontaneous Empathy – Addressing Concerns Before the Customer Raises Them

It got me to thinking that in the technical service business, circumstances beyond our control often occur to cause us to deliver less than ideal service. A serious traffic delay on a major road or a severe winter storm preventing the delivery of the needed part are just two examples. When those things occur, are our field service teams, dispatchers and other front line staff trained and ready to demonstrate “spontaneous” empathy? Are they aware that, although they may not be responsible for the circumstances that have caused the problem, they are responsible for the ongoing customer experience? Do they know how to communicate this through their words and actions?

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The Difference Between Losing a Sale and Losing a Customer

This incident brought to focus the difference between losing a sale and losing a customer. Sometimes we get so focused on the prize, that we will rationalize any means to get there. Questionable tactics may win the sale on occasion, but the risks are high. If caught we will not only lose the sale, but also the customer. And that lost customer is bound to tell others about the experience.

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Are your Customers Better off Having Known you?

As managers, we have an important role to play here. Our technicians must understand that this is an integral part of their role. They must recognize that these proactive conversations that they have with their customers represent a valuable and important service – as important as fixing and maintaining the customer’s equipment.

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Step 2 in Creating Proactive Service® – Knowing Customers’ Business Goals

The second step to creating a Proactive Service focus for your field service team is to encourage them to get to know your customers’ business goals. At first glance this may seem a bit off of the beaten path of the technical nature of their job, but it is critical in providing a higher level of service. A technician who understands the business goals and challenges faced by the customer will be attuned to opportunities to help their customers achieve them.

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