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Building Personal and Professional Credibility

There is a lot of interest in teaching field service technicians to promote services. This makes sense as the field service professional is in the best position to recognize opportunities and to discuss these with their customers. To help them, many firms look to courses to train their field teams how to sell. But, if you’re serious about engaging your technicians in product and service promotion as part of your strategy to enhance service levels, then building personal and professional credibility are the most important skills needed for proactive service teams.

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Developing a Proactive Business Development Culture for the Time Strapped Service Manager

You believe that you can offer a better service by getting your field service team to make recommendations aimed at helping your customers to be better off. You have taken steps to support your expectations of a more proactive approach by your techs, including providing training and putting in place a process to capture leads and communicate progress on all opportunities.

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SMART Meeting Requests

As managers and field service professionals, we are often in a position to arrange meetings with customers and co-workers. Using meeting requests are an excellent way to get the meeting synchronized in everyone’s calendar. Using the SMART approach to meeting requests saves time and money.

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Six Components of a Robust and Failsafe Opportunity Management Process

If you are engaging your field service team in business development efforts, you will be aware of the importance of having a robust and failsafe opportunity management process. Poor processes drop opportunities, fail to keep everyone informed and generally defeat your efforts to get everyone enthusiastically involved.

In this blog, I thought it would be helpful to consider the Six Key Components of a Robust and Failsafe Opportunity Management Process for your team.

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5 Tips to Help Your Field Team Deal with Customers Effectively

December is a time of year when systems and circumstance combine to create a stress-fuelled environment of tension and possible conflict. To help your field team deal with customers effectively in these stressful times, consider the following five approaches. This will help your team maintain good relations and build higher levels of trust and remind your customers why they chose to do business with you in the first place.

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