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5 Things to Consider When Paying Technicians Commission

If you have encouraged your technicians to promote your services, you may be considering ways to recognize their efforts. Perhaps one of the most obvious approaches is to pay them a commission based on the number of opportunities identified or on the value of the resulting order. If you are thinking of paying your technicians a commission for new business consider the 5 key points below.

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Time to Reflect on your Proactive Service® Culture

For me, the end of December is a time for review of the year past and planning for the year ahead. The welcome change of pace I typically experience during the holidays naturally leads to this type of reflection. If it is the same for you, here are 7 indicators to help you take the pulse of the extent to which the Proactive Service® approach is embedded as part of your culture within your service team.

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5 Steps to a Service Experience that is Beyond Great

I’m often asked how to enthusiastically engage technicians in business promotion to create a service experience like the one I describe in my book, Beyond GREAT SERVICE, The Technician’s Role in Proactive Business Growth. In answer to this question, here is a summary of the 5 Steps to a service experience that is beyond great.

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Give Your Customers Your Heads as Well as Your Hands

The focus changes from how the customer can help us achieve our goals to how we can better help the customer achieve their goals. We should be taking every opportunity to broadcast what our technicians are doing to our customers and prospects alike. It should be a point of differentiation for us. For example, imagine your salesperson promoting the services of your company in a competitive situation. Rather than simply saying what every one of their competitors will say, they can communicate the unique value they bring through the actions of their technicians. The conversation might go something like this:

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Want your Technicians More Proactive in Promoting your Services? Your Perspective May be Getting in the Way

But this view may just be what is limiting performance and results. When we think of service as a distinct activity and look to “move our technicians towards the right” on our chart, we tend to see selling as an activity that is an “add on” to what our technicians are doing now (service) and not part of the service itself. This can result in a “while you’re there” perspective as in, “While you’re there, keep your eyes open for other things that we can sell to the customer.” It is this viewpoint that can limit the potential of our initiative and may even erode the relationship with the customer.

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