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3 Ways to Support Business Development by Your Field Service Team

More and more service organizations recognize the value their field service professionals bring when they make recommendations to their customers that will help them to be better off.  The challenge is to get the field team to embrace this business development mindset and maintain focus over the long haul. To achieve this, we would be well served by supporting business development by our field service team like any other service we provide. Here are three things we can do.

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“They Don’t Pay Me to Look Good” in Service Delivery

The second component that makes up our customers’ service experience is how the service is conducted – the smile on the tech’s face, the cleanliness of the work area, the quality of the repair description and even how the technicians chooses to present him or herself. This is called the service delivery.

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Increase Revenues Generated by Your Service Techs

Our field service technicians represent a huge opportunity to generate revenues. They have a special relationship with our customers based on a high level of trust. Through that relationship, they have gained a unique understanding of our customers’ goals. They have a practical understanding of the latest in technology and they know our company’s capabilities. Who better than them to recognize and explore opportunities for your company to add more value through more services?

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