Processes and Systems

Jim Baston proactive service consultantDrawing on our experience with service companies across the continent and of various service disciplines, we will help you to evaluate your existing processes and tools to identify possible opportunities for improvement and put in place a strategy to support your field teams that is clear, concise and consistent.

We will consider all aspects of your processes and systems that may impact performance. For example:

• Is there a clear expectation of how you expect your technicians to raise the opportunity internally?
• How far do you want your technician to take the opportunity?
• How will technicians be involved in the solution?
• How will everyone be kept up to date with the status of the opportunity?
• Who will be responsible for following-up on existing opportunities?
• How will you use technology to support your efforts?

Regardless of what you chose to do, make sure the opportunity follow-up process is clear, concise and consistent.


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