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BYOB Service – The Competitive Edge

I don’t need to tell you that field service is a competitive business and getting more so with each passing day. Customers are more knowledgeable and demanding, competitors are innovative and tough, and the great things you do for your customers are often overlooked. It’s time to bring BYOB service to your customers and gain the competitive edge. BYOB stands for “Bring Your Own Brains” and the service company that offers this service, encourages their technicians to bring their heads as well as their hands when providing a service for a customer.

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A Tale of 2 Auto Mechanics – Which One Would you Prefer?

Like us, our customers are in competitive industries and are struggling for a business edge. They want more than just good customer service that makes them feel good. They want GREAT customer service that also helps them gain a competitive advantage. The tale of 2 auto mechanics below, is indicative of the choice we have as service providers. Which one would you prefer?

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The Limiting Reality of Getting Technicians to “Sell” – 4 Reasons Why

In my opinion, a technician who feels – based on their knowledge and experience – that the customer would benefit from a particular product or service in some way, and brings this to the attention of the customer is providing a service and is not selling. It is part of their job – as important as their ability to fix or maintain the equipment itself. In fact, I suggest that they have an obligation to the customer to discuss any action that would be of benefit to their operations.

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4 Components of a Better Technician Work Order Resolution Description

Frustrated by the poor quality of the information provided by your technicians on work orders? The importance of the quality of the work order resolution description is often overlooked. The fact is the quality of this information is very important! Below are 4, easily remembered components that your technicians can include to better communicate the value of the work they have performed. The four components are captured using the acronym CARE.

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