What we Do

Proactive Service® is a strategic approach to win and keep more business by delivering a higher and clearly differentiated level of service. Proactive Service® is based on the fact that you add significant value when your field service teams make recommendations to help your customers be better off.

Through our Proactive Service® programs – including our highly praised Proactive Service® Workshop for field service teams – we help organizations to engage their field-based personnel to enthusiastically promote their firm’s products and service as an integral part of the overall service they provide. By doing so, they provide recommendations that help the customer to be measurably better off.

customer service expert Jim BastonHow We Can Help

The Proactive Service® approach addresses all of the factors necessary for your long-term success. How we can help will depend upon where you are in your journey and where you want to go next. Our approach is tailored subject to your situation and need. You can choose how you would like us to help you.


Assess Take our survey to evaluate your current position against Proactive Service® best practices.
Define We can help you define the service experience you want your customers to enjoy.
Ensure We will show you how to ensure your systems support and encourage proactive behaviours in the field.
Train Let us help your team recognize their role and enthusiastically apply the skills and approaches that will ensure their success.
Maintain Maintain momentum by establishing a plan to coach, developing and encouraging your field personnel principles to focus on proactively serving the customer.

What is Unique about the Proactive Service® Approach?

We recognize business promotion as a service and not a sale: Proactive Service® teaches field service teams how to provide a higher and more valuable level of service by identifying actions that their customers can take to improve their operations and achieve their business goals.

We approach Proactive Service® as a strategic initiative rather than a one-time
event: We focus on how this approach can differentiate your business while generating higher revenues for you and improving critical service indicators such as customer satisfaction and retention.

We address all of the factors that will contribute to your success: Your success will
depend upon a number of factors including training, support processes and communication channels. We help you address all of these to ensure your initiative is readily adopted and sustainable.